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d waved to her pussy. I knelt on the floor and buried my face in his hot start, moist, sweet. I was running my tongue over her clitoris and to work the length of her pussy. She started moaning loudly her pussy up to meet my tongue. I slid my hands on the cheeks of her ass closer to her pussy and mouth with a finger began to edge her tight ass. This led to his nature, I slowly pushed my finger in freshxxxtube the ass and began to catch the fingers at the same time, such as licking and nibbling her clitoris. That lasted all of two minutes before full Ellie explodes in a huge orgasm soaking my mouth as he approached. She asked me to exchange positions and sit with me on the edge of the sofa, knelt before me and took my cock in her mouth and swings up and down freshxxxtube the entire length of my penis. I looked around the roomand saw that George has taken off and saw Ellie while blowing me while shaking his hard cock. I always felt very close to blowing freshxxxtube my load in Ellie 's mouth, but freshxxxtube do not want to end it all and spoil the action. Ellie and I told him to look to freshxxxtube see how George enjoyed the show. As noted by George looked stiff cock, she said he was there, and now come and lay on the ground. George freshxxxtube Ellie lay down and stood over him in the classic position of 69 and went to work on his cock. George wasted no time, starting with the pussy and the two did not take long for it. And I looked, and soon found myself masturbating when I was very erotic side of me. After a few minutes and Ellie looked up and said, "Come, join, I want a good hard fucking. " I'm behind them, and despite the fact that George 's face was just inches from her wet pussy, I slowly opened in length and began to fuck her deeply. Georgand that surely is not got fucked! I had the pump slowly and deeply into Ellie and George felt occasionally brush my tongue licking her clit while cock. I've never had to experience some form of bilatera
Quotes l agreements, but the sensation of the tongue and then turns me on and I really started to pump harder and harder to Ellie, George still suck cock. Ellie encouraged me to fuck her very hard and quickened my steps and pumped deep and hard on her, I felt George 's hand cupping my balls and start to tighten. Suddenly I heard George grunts and increased the pressure on my balls as he emptied his load to the mouth of Ellie. That was what I felt freshxxxtube my cock begin to throb and empty as it freshxxxtube seemed gallons of cum in pussy Ellie. Everything was quiet and still for a moment, I had my cock buried in Ellie when she licked clean then George, like behind your eyes, I felt George 's hand slowly pull my cock Ellie and take a shot in the mouth . ohwell - what the hell I was thinking - and enjoyed the warmth and wetness of her mouth while I licked and sucked clean. A we all sat on the floor in silence for a few seconds before Ellie and George laughed. " Well, that's exactly what we've always fantasized about," said George. That was when we brought a glass of wine and put a porn DVD on the TV. You guessed it, a couple of bi guys and a girl in action. Observed for 10 minutes and I was in the mood again, a fact quickly Ellie took my semi hard cock in her mouth and began to blow a vision. A few minutes and I was rock hard again. He stood on a chair in the freshxxxtube dining room was removed from the table, put aside and knelt at her in his arms on the table. She said: "Fuck me", "Come on". Soon he was behind her and pumping all that was worth it. George wasted no time behind me and started squeezing my balls back while fucking his wifaith. He stressed the ass a few times with his finger, and I think he would have liked to fuck me while I did the same with Ellie, but not sure how I would slow to react. I landed on a bed and we both fucked Ellie again in the morning before I go. I go again next Saturday for more fun, perhaps more than originally expected.


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Back in May (17) I told you about the fun he had in a parking garage after leaving Ellie at work. Basically, I 'm pulling a lift home and got him on a picnic bench in a parking lot, went home and gave her husband a pleasure licking it. Kicked me in Asda, soon after, and with a smile and a wink, George thanked me and asked me to freshxxxtube drink a glass a night. A as the Saturday I went by Ellie got a call to say they were sick and I have reason to leave a couple of weeks until they were fully fit. Of course I agree, but I thought it would be the last time I heard of them! Was I ever wrong ! Ten days later, Ellie called me and asked if I would come around 8 pm on Saturday. I found a few minutes before, and George greeted me at the door like an old friend. He gave me a drink and we sat and talked, said Ellie went to prepare. After a bit of social chatter, who came to the point. " We both know what happensthe second week, I'm not any problem with it, " he said, " Ellie and I have been dreaming about this for a long time, I see they have a good fuck, and she wants to join me and I have two children fuck it - no Holes Barred, are you? "Too right I was! Ellie came and joined us sit freshxxxtube on the couch next to me. George gave him a glass of wine and said I wanted to play on your desired game. Ellie gave me a kiss then began rubbing my cock hardening aa fast through my pants. I ran my hand over her stockings to a very wet pussy and now fully shaved to find. rubbed her clit while she unzipped me and pulled my cock, she drove slowly hand up and down, while we remain deeply Snog, both completely blind to sit and watch George. Ellie was separated and told me to strip, and it was time for fun. quickly got his kit off and was naked apart leagues and stockings. I followed this example soon, but felta little uncomfortable standing with an erection freshxxxtube bollock not huge and it was George naked. Ellie was sitting on the edge of the couch with her ass on the edge an